Dream. Inspire. Embrace.

this wondrous life

Birthed from the crossroads in life, This Wondrous Life (TWL) desires to be an open, creative space for anyone who desires more out of life. Whether that is finding freedom to pursue your dreams, uncover your creativity, or learn the power of being present, This Wondrous Life (TWL) hopes to show through the musings of its Founder, Danae Carson, that pursuing dreams is possible, creativity is not for the elite, and living present is the glue that makes it all stick.


Born and raised in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area, I am a product of the suburbs with a deep appreciation for cities and the quaintness of small towns. I'm so pumped you've found your way to my little side of the internet! I believe passionately in dreams, creative living, and showing up in the now. I absolutely love the beauty and passion that flows from creating.

I'm an out of the box thinker and love to connect with people who crave the unconventional and relentlessly pursue their hearts! That's what has birthed This Wondrous life (TWL): a safe, creative space for people like you and me to find inspiration, empowerment, and community as we pursue our passions and live creatively! 

Photo courtesy of Evelyn Gamboa