Note from the Editor

I recently shared with a friend that secretly (now not so secretly) October is my favorite month. November is a close second, but is still too close to December which is the essence of winter (not my fav season).

About 2 weeks ago, we welcomed fall, even though here on the east coast summer is holding on tightly (today, although cloudy and rainy, is a humid 75 degrees. Not fall-like at all). Though the mornings are chilly and crisp, with flog lingering over grass and weaving through trees, we feel summer in our afternoons and evenings that are balmy, her warmth intermingled with the coolness that comes from early sunsets.

When I think of fall, I am reminded of change; of how nature shifts. Things begin to wilt and drop. They shed the last two seasons. Birds begin to migrate and we begin to hibernate. For me, October signifies a slowing down that we don’t experience in the spring and summer months. As October is in full gear, this month’s issue of TWL will be focused on two things: creating and slowing down.

Creativity and living slow are foundational truths of This Wondrous Life. In this space, we believe everyone is creativity. it is not some elitist trait. We also believe in the power of slowing down and being present. This month I want to explore what creating and creativity is and what it means to slow down; what it looks like and how we can do it.  I want to explore the impact that choosing to slow down has on our creativity. How does it fuel it? How does it give room for our creative self to breathe and unfold? What does it look like to create in slow spaces? I wanna ask all the questions, answer some, and try my best to live these truths out.

So, snuggle in close friend as we journey through living slow and creating.

With love and hope for all your dreams,


Editor of TWL

Danae Carson is the Founder and Editor of This Wondrous Life. With a passion for creativity, dreams, community, and simple living, you will find in the content she creates an eagerness for others to be awaken to their dreams, creativity, and beauty of living a simpler, full life. When she isn't busy running This Wondrous Life, Danae can be found working a 9-5 in Washington, D.C. and when she's not there, she can be found making areopress or pour-over coffee at home, brainstorming and dreaming up how to best live simply and present with those around her. Danae resides in the suburbs of Maryland. To learn more about her and This Wondrous Life, you can follow the journey on Facebook and Instagram!