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A Note to 2018

The last few weeks have been full. I shared in a recent email that things would be slower in this space as December is the month I set aside time to rest, plan, create, and dream up the next year for This Wondrous Life and be present with my own world.

With only a few hours left to 2018, 4 hours and 57 minutes to be exact, I thought it would be good to grace this space one last time before the New Year.

Gosh. 2018. I don’t think there is one word to describe it. 2018 was not a year graced with big, glamorous moments. Even still, it was a year full of transition and discovery.


From changing jobs to discovering things about myself and this brand, I can easily say that 2018 was a year of facing hard truths—especially these last few weeks. I’ve uncovered areas of insecurity and spaces in my life that need more attention and growth. I’ve begun to face a lot of lies I’ve believed about myself. It wasn’t easy to acknowledge, own, and admit these things, but when I think back to the first quarter of the year, where discover was the focus, I can truly say I’m leaning into that.

For This Wondrous Life, from the outside, it could look like another missed year. There were no crazy collaborations or exciting new projects. A lot of ideas fizzled out and life happened to me more than I happened to life, but despite all of that, I can truly say as I walk into 2019, there is a new alignment for this space and brand. In a few short days, This Wondrous Life will celebrate three years of existing, and for the first time since launching, I can say, with confidence, that I’ve discovered the true heart and purpose of this space. There are now words for what this space stands for and pursues.

For me, that means so much. To witness how this space has morphed blows me away. It’s not in the numbers or accolades. It’s in the process of pushing pass the hype of something new to digging deep and embracing the mundane moments; still yes when it feels for naught; to walk through that and finally have language for this space makes it worth it.


As we leave 2018 behind, I can say I know my why for this space. As we step into 2019, I can say I’m excited to continue the journey. I’m excited to continue to lean into the slow spaces, to practice consistency, to create and recreate each and every day.

As you prepare for the New Year, I want to encourage you to lean in. Whether you are hitting the town tonight or staying in, take a moment to look at your year. Take her in. Breath deep.

Write down and celebrate each victory you had this year, no matter how big or small.

Make room to grief the things that didn’t go as planned and acknowledge the new things that were planted instead.


Exhale. You did it. You made to December 31, 2018. I know this year for many was a tough one. There were more losses than gains and you may be hanging on by a thread as you read this.

I want to you encourage you, that it may look like you failed this year. It may feel like you gained nothing; that it was all curveballs and misfires, but you’re still here. You showed up each day and gave what you could with what you had where you were.  As you step into 2019, never ever forget that: You are enough. You are enough. You are enough.

So, cheers y’all. Cheers to making it through another set of 365 days and here’s a nod to 2019. We are ready for you.

 Happy New Year!



A Letter to 2019

A Letter to 2019

Simple Living: A Lifestyle of Gratitude

Simple Living: A Lifestyle of Gratitude