Some laid snuggled up on a large air mattress, others found comfort in the couch with a plush blanket or the nearby rocking chair.

Netflix was on and in quiet camaraderie documentaries were watched.

That is community.

Parked outside of a McDonald’s in a red car, in a small California town, with tears and prayers and declarations and an iPad on record, hearts were heard, and felt, and seen.

That is community.

Random Saturday nights spent making pizza from scratch, with some playing guitar in the other room, and others sprawled about the kitchen. Laughter. Confessions. Moments.

That is community.

Driving down long Florida roads, the humidity thick, but the bond thicker, process and memories shared and experienced.

That is community.

Letters written. Letters sent. California. Ohio. Maryland. Little details shared in the intimacy of words.

That is community.

Group chats with endless voice memos, countless memes, and honest thought processes.

That community.

In the simplicity of coffee dates at the local shop and getting lost on Long walks at a nearby ranch, where opinions are shared, heart moments unpacked, questions asked. Secrets kept close.

Organic connections that always leave you wondering “how have I NOT known you?”; those organic connections made intentional regardless of time and space.

That is community.

In the vulnerability of rambling text messages and late-night car sessions, where you allowed yourself to be seen and known even though it was awkward.

That is community.

If you’ve been following along with This Wondrous Life, then the above words are probably familiar. They were written in this space almost two years ago. I find it funny that I’m diving into this topic again a couple years later. While much has remained the same, some things have changed. Even so, I realize, community is something I love and love to see people thrive in, so, I feel I will never not talk about it. Hope you can forgive the redundancy. Community doesn’t look one way. I think we all know that. I also don’t think we can define it one way, because community does ebb and flow. It looks different in each season. But what I do know that doesn’t change when it comes to community is this:

It shows up for the in-between moments of life.

I’m talking the day-to-day, seemingly insignificant stuff. It’s building history there. You see, it’s easy to show up for someone when things are really awesome or when things are hard, but to show up when it’s the everyday? Not everyone can do that---not everyone does that and no matter the season, I personally believe community shows up in the simple spaces of life not just the highlights.

Community is birthed and sustained in the simple spaces.

Looking back up at the start of this post, all those moments were simple experiences—normal, everyday things. They weren’t extravagant---Instagram-worthy moments. They were life lived with people. That’s community to me. Life lived---life felt----life explored with others.

To quote 2016 me,

Community is more than just people with similar interests hanging out. Community is an invitation to family. It is in an invitation to connection. It is an invitation to vulnerability. Community is not some exclusive club meant for a select few. It is a beautiful space that we all get to be a part of. It is a beautiful space where we all get to share ourselves.


Sounds amazing right? It is, but it also isn’t a cake walk. Community is something that you build, you shape, you invest in. Anything worth committing to takes work. The history, the intimacy and safety community can carry doesn’t just happen. No. It takes a conscious choice to show up over and over again for the same people, day in and day out. It takes the conscious choice to give yourself over and over again.

This month, I hope to show and share with you the power of community---show you how it is birthed and sustained in the simplicity of daily life. Yes, you can make a heart connection with people in a moment, but what breathes life into that connection isn’t that initial moment---it’s every choice, every invitation to show up, every opportunity to be present after that truly grounds it.

What are your feels about community? In what ways have you seen community sustained?