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Dreams and Goals: Finishing Strong

Dreams and Goals: Finishing Strong

62 days.


62 days until the end of 2018. 62 days left to go after your dreams and goals for the year. Feels daunting right?

I know it is for me. With a little over 2 months to go, there feels like there is no time to complete everything I set out to do. I did a dreams progress check back in June where I shared what dreams have being going and which ones have changed.

Some of my dreams and goals for the year, have happened without me even realizing. When I created my dream list back in February, I desired to get a new job. That dream was fulfilled three weeks ago. I also dreamed of reading a new book a month. While ambitious, I’ve read three new books thus far and hope to finish two more by the end of year. That’s five more books read than last year. Definitely cause to celebrate.

With some dreams unfolding, I’ve let go of other dreams. Not because of fear or doubt, but because it was time. In the place of letting go, I grabbed ahold of new dreams.

All this to say that there is time. There is time to still go after your dreams and goals for the year. Here’s how I think you can do this:

 1.     Revisit your dream/goal list

Go back to the dream/goal list you created for this year. Take some time to reflect. Acknowledge the dreams that happened, the ones in progress, and the ones that you’ve let go of. Have a moment with that list. Celebrate the victories and embrace the losses.

2.     Looking at that list and where you are now holistically, create a new list

For me, after reviewing my dream list, I zeroed in on a couple of dreams that I still wanted to pursue to the end of this year and included them in my new list. Other dreams I reframed. For example, my dream of reading a new book a month is now read two new books before the end of the year. So, whatever your list is, feel free to create new dreams/goals that reflect where you are now.

 3.     Create a mini game plan

Whether you have only 2 dreams/goals you want to accomplish over the next two months or if you have 6, create a game plan. Get proactive on figuring out how to take steps each day to achieve your end result. For me, I’ve already started my two new books and also know how many pages I need to read a day to complete it in a decent time. Another dream/goal for me is to write daily. I know I want to work up to writing 500 words a day, so for me a mini game plan would be picking the time of day and setting a time limit for the writing exercise. Also, breaking my own comfort zone and writing with what is in my hand (my phone via Evernote or my small pocket notebook I carry).

The only way we can accomplish anything is if we make room and plan for it.

 4.     Prepare to Celebrate

Thus far, 2018 has been a FULL year. So much life has unfolded. We have roughly 62 blank days to paint wildly on. When December 31st comes, I want you to celebrate like never before, because whether every dream comes true or every goal is accomplished, know that you lived, friend. That with every twist and turn, you showed up and gave this year your all. So, as you pursue the rest your goals this year, also prepare to celebrate.

Tell me how your dreams/goals for the year are going? Have some dreams already happened or made any progress? Have some dreams been let go of? 

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