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Dreams, Goals, and Our Everyday Life: Can They Work Together?

Dreams, Goals, and Our Everyday Life: Can They Work Together?

January is the month of dreams and goals. We spend most of December (especially that last week) reflecting and contemplating all the things that transpired in the year. We wake up January 1st shaking off 2017 and staring bright-eyed into 2018.

We hit the ground running, our minds sharp, hearts pounding with passion and drive. We make trite New Year motto’s our slogans and begin knocking off our goals. It feels great. It feels possible. Our determination is at an all time high and truly nothing can stand in our way.

Until it does.

I’ve watched in my own life how I start off full speed ahead only to be burned out halfway through the year and spending the rest of year trying to grasp what seems fleeting. Now, hear my heart, I love how motivated we all are in the beginning of the year. This is the time to write down those dreams and goals; to think outside of the box and make changes. However, something I realized in my own life is that too often I’m making these list of dreams and goals, but not making room for them in my day to day life.

There is something beautiful when the rhythm and routine of our daily life gives room for the dreams and goals to thrive. For me, this year, I don’t want to make another lengthy list and not change the routine and ultimately the culture of my everyday life.

How we show up in the day to day is directly linked to how we show up for our dreams and whether the space we’ve created, intentionally or unintentionally, is conducive for them to thrive and sustain.

It is not enough to just have a list. Anyone can make a list of dreams and goals. I encourage everyone to do it! But, to go from dreams on a list to dreams lived out, we must ask ourselves, is the rhythm and routine of our lives a space for the dreams in our heart to thrive?

So, this year, I decided to pause on making my list. Instead, I want to find and develop the rhythm and routine my life will take this year. I want to work on making space in my everyday world for my dreams to step into. I don’t want to go another year where my list of dreams becomes obsolete because life happened, and I didn’t ground myself in a routine.

I mean, let’s think about it. What if we broke away from the idea that dreams are separate from our daily life? What if we didn’t box them into a corner where they can only happen in this specific time and place? What if, instead, we made room everyday to see the dream unfold? What if, in the rhythm of the mundane, the bright color of dreams peeked through? What if, our dreams and goals were a part of our routine?

I believe it is possible. I don’t believe they have to be separate realities. You see, there are many parts to a dream, from its inception to its birth, but one thing I do know is that everything I do each day impacts my dreams. Every choice, every decision, every yes and every no influences my dreams. So, what if, in the flow of our morning routine, we did one thing that fed the dreams in our hearts? What if, in the slowing down of our evenings, we did one thing that invested in us which ultimately impacts our dreams? Just, what if our dreams unfolded in the flow of our everyday life?

Because, sometimes, going after our dreams isn’t about the grandiose steps we take or the shiny, new opportunities we find ourselves in. Sometimes, a lot of the time, it is in the minute, seemingly insignificant steps that the dreams come to life.
 A dream cannot sustain in a life that has made no room for it.

 You cannot expect to pursue all the things on your list, if you aren’t willing to change the flow of your everyday life.

Because, you know what’s more important than a dream fulfilled? A life lived well. A life that managed its allotted time and space. A life invested.

So, I encourage you, before you run full speed ahead into your list of dreams, take some time to figure out the routine your life has taken and whether it’s the pattern you want to maintain. If it’s not, ask yourself, what kind of rhythm and routine do you want your life instead?

I know for me, I wanna make some changes, because I truly believe that my dreams, goals, and everyday life can work together.

#TWLDiscover Challenge 2:

Reflecting on your FYR Worksheet you worked on last week, download the FYR Timeline Guide to start actualizing the routine your wish to create. On social media, using #TWLDiscover take a photo of one of the things/activities that will be a part of your routine.

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