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Dreams for 2018: Progress Check

Dreams for 2018: Progress Check

With June officially here and summer inching closer and closer, I figured it’s a good time to see how the dreams for this year have been coming along.

During the first quarter of this year, we took things slow focusing on building a daily life that made room for our dreams. In February, I created my dreams for this year. I intentionally took my time in creating this list, really focusing what were actually dreams versus habits I wanted to build in my life.

Here’s my dream list for 2018. With five months of the year gone and the sixth month currently being lived through, this dream list has actually morphed. Some dreams have taken on a new shape while others have been saved for another time. So, in honor of June marking the half-way point for 2018, here’s a quick progress check on some of the dreams for 2018:

1.      Complete Novel.

This dream has been one I’ve carried around for about 5 years give or take. It’s been a process---a process that got completely challenged by Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel Big Magic. I plan to share a bit more in-depth on my takeaways from that book, but, for the sake of this post, I’ll just say, my dream of writing has not and will not die, but I’m letting this novel go for now and leaning into something new. Something different. So, in lieu of a novel, my writing dream for 2018 is to complete 3 short stories.

2.      Save 10k.

Nope. Haven’t saved it yet. But I have more saved than I did before and that, my friends, is progress. I’ve also come to terms that the goal is sooo much more than just saving 10k. It’s honestly financial wholeness and wisdom. That’s the real dream for 2018: to be financially whole and wise.  This looks like changing some habits and revamping A LOT of things.

3.      Read a new book a month

Okay. You guys. This dream has been a journey. I’ve officially only completed 2 books thus far. Reading a new book each month is a lot harder than I anticipated. Making time to read in a world that moves so fast where something is grabbing at your attention all the time is hard. My first completed book was Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad. My next completed book was Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. So worth the read!  Between January and now, I’ve tried to start a total of 3 books and finished two of the three. While ideally the goal was 5 books by June, I’m proud of my two books under belt. Currently I'm making my way through Jesmyn Ward’s Sing, Unburied, Sing, and starting James S. A. Corey’s first book for the sci-fi series Expanse. I hope to throw in a couple nonfiction pieces throughout the summer to broaden my reading list.

4.      Travel (international and domestically)

This dream is being held in tension. As I mentioned above, in wanting to be more financially whole and wise, this is a dream I feel will need to be hold a bit---especially internationally. I have a deep love for traveling and exploring new places, but I’m learning in this space and season, it’s gonna look different. So currently, this dream is on hold.

5.      Write Daily

Definitely hit the ground running with this during the first quarter, but towards the end it honestly fell off. My making writing a habit became more sporadic. But, this month I’m kicking it back into gear and I’m excited about that.


I know my original list has about 10 dreams. But these 5 are dreams I’ve seen some progress in and I’m proud of them! These dreams have also shifted, and it’s been cool to watch what they’ve turned into, especially number 1.

Now, in honor of summer being upon us, I was inspired (of course) by Megan Gilger of the Fresh Exchange to create a summer bucket list. Nothing wild or crazy, but intentional ideas for how I want to embrace this next season. You can check out some things I wanna hopefully do over the next 3-ish months here.

Now your turn! Did you ever create a dream list for the year? How has the process been thus far? What dreams have progressed, and which ones have changed?

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