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Guest Post: Discovering Your World - A Personal Journey

Guest Post: Discovering Your World - A Personal Journey

Photo by Rudney Novaes

Photo by Rudney Novaes

One of our favorite books by the renowned author, Mr. Paulo Coelho, writes the story of Santiago who embarks on his very own personal journey.  In the book is a quote that we pride our life on:

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Our personal journey as husband and wife is rooted deeply in this ideal; the universe begets light and hope, waiting, willing to provide all those that seek positivity all the desires of their heart.  Krishaun and I pride ourselves on this, and it has allowed for us to live a life that is intentional, focused, and to be honest, very, very happy. 

The best part of seeking meaning to life as individuals is that we have the opportunity each and every day to live in the present alongside our best friend: one another.  And while some may believe that our individuality is the most important thing to one’s well-being, we can honestly say that having someone to help cheer you on in discovering the world is magical.

The Challenges

The saying that opposites attract is the first law of nature and it applies to us literally.  Take the mediocre differences of two people, magnify them and you’ll have the opposing sides of both of us.  Where one of us is organized and planning-oriented, the other is carefree and spontaneous.  Where one is focused and goal driven, one is focused and prides on living in the moment.  This isn’t necessarily a challenge that breaks us apart, rather it’s what holds us together as a successful couple in the making.  As opposites, we have the chance to see the outcome of all aspects of experiencing life while also working towards learning to adapt and being ok with right now.  Through our years of dating and now marriage, we have a positive outlook on life as something to be discovered each day as opportunities for something---anything  to happen; we’ve learned that our differences are actually not that big of a deal as we’ve discovered that each of us are the embodiment of infinite possibilities.


The Positives

Being married and discovering this thing called life is great.  Imagine experiencing everything that makes you happy, then to look over and see someone looking at you with the same magnitude of joy that you showcase; our marriage and journey in life is just that.  We spend most of our time in life working to practice intentional living, and with a marriage there is no better place to practice that.  Every action, gift, or words of advice, are opportunities for us to be intentional.  A lot of the times, we have to intentionally focus our thoughts and hearts in order to best show love for one another. We learned this from the five love languages.  As a married couple, we practice daily intentional actions in order to make one another feel wanted and appreciated.  Our relationship allows for us to be our best self not only individually, but for someone else; someone who deserves it.

The Impact and Influence of Living Present on how we live day-to-day and do relationship

Intentional living and our personal journeys have allowed our marriage to grow exponentially in love, joy, and hope.  Being able to work together on our new projects allows for us to journey into different sectors of our relationship while also learning new things about one another.  As individuals, we aspire to be great things, but what anchors that is the fact that we do it not only for self, but intentionally for the other in order to give all that we can.  Like Santiago in The Alchemist, there are areas of our life where we feel content and ok; but having a spouse that is willing to help you see that even though something works, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved is pivotal to living a life that’s intentional.  Our relationship is rooted in acts of intentionality in order to impact every aspect of our life now and in the future.

Ways We Discover Our World

We discover our world by four simple things:  the youth, good food, amazing art, and traveling. 

One cannot discover the world from the comfort of their safe spaces. Together we work intentionally to see what the world has to offer whether its locally or internationally.  Along the way, we love to learn from the younger generations while ogling great art.

And who doesn’t like really, really, really good fries now and again?

Native Washingtonians, Newlyweds, Travelers, and Intentional Living sum up the lives of the founders of BeingPoco.  Gerald and Krishaun are creatives in the DC area working towards a platform that showcases the life of marriage, intentional living, and being minimalist.  We're working towards sharing our lives to all on how we make life work through its ups and downs!!!

You can find Gerald and Krishaun’s sharing their journey and spreading all the positivity and hope you can imagine on their instagram, BeingPoco. You can also keep up with them on their site, BeingPoco.




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