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Guest Post: Dreams in Friendship - The Sarah & Evelyn Story

Guest Post: Dreams in Friendship - The Sarah & Evelyn Story

This post has been in the works and I'm so excited to finally share this really dope story of friendship and dreams. No strangers to this space, creative entrepreneurs Sarah and Evelyn are back and this time to share a little bit about their friendship and is impact on who they are as creatives and dreamers. This roomie-bestie duo are amazing women and serious friendship goals.  Check out how it all started, how they maintain, and how their friendship has impacted their dreams. Since this post was co-written, it reads like a conversation. So, picture yourself in your favorite place to hang and imagine these two with you sharing all the things.

You know that Kelly Clarkson song… “My life would suck without you…”? If, you're anything like me you just sang that line and you feel me. There are probably a handful of people you can genuinely say your life would suck without.

Sarah: First of all, let’s give the beautiful KC her due mo. Selah.

Let’s back up to where all of this started…

We met briefly at a mutual friend’s wedding. We chatted for a bit but I, Ev, was leaving for a month of travel the next day. Our interactions were short, she liked my bridesmaid dress and I said “thanks! It has pockets!” From that moment we both knew we wanted to be friends. The next morning a Facebook friendship began and then we didn't talk to or see each other for a couple of months.

But I, Sarah, knew intentionality was key for her when she made it a point to make that first meet up happen after being out of country for a month. It wasn’t just the “Oh! Let’s grab coffee soon!” and it never happens. It did happen, and we swapped life stories from there.

Sarah: Friends have always been pretty dang easy for me. I feel like a brat to say so, but striking up, “AHHH! You too?!” moments with people and then grabbing coffee and (eye roll) ‘doing life together’ just kinda happens. I easily can feel connections with people a good 10 years up or down my age bracket and have had a couple besties that still mean a whole lot to me. But, I’ve never had the kind of person that ends up being your person. Actually, I can thank Ev for being the one to re-introduce me to Grey’s Anatomy and giving me the concept in the first place. The kind that you know you’re going to be a part of the day in, day out for, forever.

Ev: I’ve always said that while I'm no good at making new friends, I'm really great at keeping the ones I have. I take pride in not just getting to know my friends, but actually learning them. Learning what makes them tick on a practical level with things like their coffee order to how their emotional intelligence is wired.

Sarah: Yeah, she slays at that. I’ve been intentional to be intentional….I think that’s one of the biggest things that sets people apart from having a cool group to hang out with and a group of people that you find yourself achieving your heart’s biggest dreams with. At the end of the day that’s what we’re all after.

Ev: Yeah, to be seen and known enough to be unconditionally believed in. Something clicks inside your heart when you have someone believing in you and the little dreams in your heart more than you do. It absolutely has wrecked me when I’ve built up the courage to share a small idea and have Sarah believe in it and challenge me to bring it to life and on top of that keeping it alive, like a baby succulent. Watering it only when needed but knowing when it needs that sort of attention. ya feel me?

Currently, we are both living out some of the biggest dreams of our hearts that I think we’ve both shared our personal journeys on in earlier editions of TWL. (Sarah and Evelyn)

To refresh your memory…

I, Ev, own and operate a clothing brand a creative design and consulting business. Sarah, owns and operates a waxing studio and currently these business endeavors are housed under the same roof.

Sarah: Going to work every day with your best friend is pretty rad. I honestly have a pretty hard time with dreaming. It’s not the believing in them, it’s the thinking them up in the first place. And then feeling defeated that I’m not creative. It makes me think of the guy in the Italian Job, Steve, who upon stealing the painting, couldn’t think of his own plans for his share of the loot. He just added a “me too” to everyone else’s. I digress. Because of Ev, I actually believe that I have the power to create too. It might not look like her’s or others. But I have the guts to try.

I, Ev, on the other hand don’t. I have a hard time sticking to what’s in front of me because I'm ready to move on to the next thing before I’ve even finished the first thing. Because of Sarah I’ve been more inclined to finish things and finish them well.

Fear is a jerk who tells us made up stories of why we can’t or shouldn't do something. It’s so nice to have a sounding board on the other side of that to help remind and recalibrate your thoughts back to what actually feels most like you.

We both have faced our share of “but what if (insert worst case scenario here)” but coming out on the other side of it. It really comes down to believing in her more than she does in herself, and I genuinely do… Because even though I'm invited in to her process and to pretty much feel her feels, I'm not inside her head.

We’ve had a few people ask us if we ever fight, because we seem to rarely disagree. But we do! She likes Chinese food and I know that it’s not worth your time. But seriously, I think having the guts to say the “Hey, when you said this, I kinda felt ____” is important. We never leave something unsaid. We don’t let little triggers of “Ow!” just lay. We address it. We talk about it. We say we’re sorry. And we give each other space to sort ourselves out, take a break and breathe. Basically, we never walk away when things get hard. Mix that with someone who genuinely gets you-not because it comes naturally because we make it our mission; a love for the Food Network and all things gathering, an ability to make you laugh till you squeak, a respect for your dreams and can hold your hand in the really shitty days and you’ve got your person.

To learn more or follow their journeys, you can check them out on IG: Evelyn and Sarah .

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