Monday Thoughts

Everything has a routine; a process it follows. Everything has a pace it falls in stride with. You see it in the way the trees sway and in the way the wind tickles its leaves. You see it in the song the morning birds sing; you see it in the dawn.

Everything has a routine; a process it follows. Everything has a pace it falls in stride with. We have a routine. We have a beat our lives dance to. We have a pace our world falls in stride with.

As I venture to find the joy in the little things this month, I’m realizing how important finding and defining my routine is. Life is constantly moving; constantly rising and falling. It’s easy to get lost in the movement. It is easy to let life happen and never truly show up for it becoming overwhelmed by all the things. I’m learning a key to showing up to life, not just letting it happen but happening to it, is having a routine, a home base.

We live in a society that balks at the mundane and thrives on highlight reels. The minute life seems “boring” we are off to finding something that makes it “spicy”. We aren’t too keen on being content where we are; nestling down in the beauty before us.

For so long, I despised the mundane and felt my life had to be “happening” all the time for it to matter or be cool. Now, as I enter my late twenties, I find I don’t want to hate it anymore. I desire to not spurn the mundane, but find solace in it. I desire not to grow weary of the day to day, but find joy in the rhythm it creates. I want every moment of each day to be intentional and purposeful. I believe finding and defining a routine helps create that. It creates a space for the mundane to fill and gives room for all the things that matter to find its place. A routine helps discard what’s not important and makes space for what is.

You see, life is constantly moving. Life is full of options and distractions. It is easy to become busy and not productive. It is easy to become very social and not have community. It is easy to become so full of so many things byet lack substance and purpose. That’s no way to live, at least that’s not a way I desire to live.

There’s joy to be found where we are. There is beauty and adventure in the everyday flow of life if we just give room for it. The older I get the more I’m learning that each day doesn’t just have to be another one for the books. I get to decide how each day looks. Yes, there are many things not in my control, but how I choose to show up for it, make room for it, process it, and embrace it is on me. Don’t get me wrong, living life as it comes is exciting, but there is something equally beautiful about living life with a rhythm you create; that when life throws its curve balls, you don’t have to sway or bend with it.

As you go through this week, I want to encourage you to take time to find your routine. Figure out how you want to approach and end each day. I’m taking the time to make space for finding my routine. Later this week, I’ll be sharing with you guys what my morning and evening routines are and the challenge I’ll be embarking on for the next month!