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Note from the Editor

Note from the Editor

Nestled on a couch that’s been around forever, I write to you, surrounded by indoor plants, large and green. Outside rests in the remnants of rain showers that have fallen all weekend. The trees are still, their purple, red and orange leaves vibrant.

Even though the weather predicts Monday to be 70 and stormy, It looks and feels like fall. I’m grateful. November is here.

This month is a full month. It’s the official start of the holiday season with thanksgiving in a few weeks and Christmas music already playing. The trees have traded their lush green leaves for a myriad of deep purples and burnt oranges. The clouds are fuller and grayer.

As the year comes closer to the end, I’ve noticed how much life seems to follow the same pattern. There is a slowing down that happens. We either ride out the momentum we built from January or accept the space we are in and strap up for next year.

I know for me, November becomes the month of the reflection, especially for This Wondrous Life. Even though we didn’t launch until January 4th, 2016. It was on November 9, 2015 that our domain and website were solidified and bought. The journey---the process for This Wondrous Life began March 2015 but became my reality in November. In a way, every November I feel the need to slow down in this space and take stock. This is the time to reflect. Reflect on the successes and failures, the breakthroughs and struggles. It is the time to harness the new ideas and make room for dreaming up the next year. It’s also time to simply live.

I say this because, for me, it to forget to live one’s life or I’ll feel bad for not having more stuff happening here. I’ve come to realize that it is from the living of our day to day that we have something to offer and build with. So yes, the last few months or so have been slower for This Wondrous Life than normal, both on here on the site and on social media. Even so, this month, like every month, I want to be intentional. But, specifically, I want to be intentional in taking stock and walking out thankfulness in my personal life as well as with this space.

My favorite blogger, Megan Gilger of The Fresh Exchange has an amazing line up for November centered on Gratitude. I’ve been reading all her thoughts and feels because it resonates so deeply with me. It may seem cliché to make November the month to take time to reflect and be grateful, but I think it’s the perfect time to do so. Honestly, gratefulness should be an everyday aspect of how we live. If you are wanting a fresh perspective on gratitude stick around this month as we will be diving into ourselves. You can also check out Megan Gilger's November content! Her stuff daily inspires me as an individual and a blogger.

Anyways, I’m rambling. This month and December, it will be a lot slower here as I take time to live life as well as take time to reflect and process this year of TWL. This month on the blog we will chat about the power of thankfulness and living in gratitude. I’ll also provide a more in-depth blog update, sharing what I’ve learned from this year of TWL as well as what December will look like in this space.

With love and hope for all your dreams,


Editor-in-Chief of TWL

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Gratitude: Living in the Tender Space

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