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Note from the Editor

Note from the Editor

I stir to life every morning by the incessant chirps of birds calling to each other. The sun slowly rises, light peeking through the trees. It’s balmy and smells like the remnants of rain.

The showers of April trickle into the fullness of spring that May welcomes. I am inspired by the words of Megan Gilger as she shares her thoughts and feels about May. May is the last full month of spring and it’s when we really get to experience the season. This looks like longer nights spent packed in the Nats stadium or outdoor cafes. Early morning walks aren’t sweltering or frigid, but a welcomed escape.

As spring has found her rhythm, I find myself wanting to learn more deeply how to relish the rhythm. I want to take joy in the little things.

In March, we gave ourselves room to move with the season. We took things slow and simply lived life. April, we got active. We tried new things and took risks. As we start May, I feel this being a month of taking joy in the little things. I am a firm believer that living life to the fullest means to live life present. And, in being present, it’s finding joy in the process. I often say that life isn’t always highs. It’s not always unicorns and glitter. There are times when it’s simple and it’s easy to despise that. It’s easy to desire every day to be wild and spontaneous. It’s easy to deny the beauty that can be found in the routine of living life daily.

This month, as the nights are longer and warmer and the mornings are loud with the song of nature, I desire this space to take joy in the little things. I desire to unpack what joy is and what it looks like in the mundane with you. I desire to let into my world a bit more as I explore and grow in finding joy in the everyday. With recipes and the capturing of life lived, I hope to take you on a journey of finding joy in the little things.


With love and hope for all your dreams,




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Monday Thoughts

Monday Thoughts