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Note from the Editor

Note from the Editor

 Pursue || to proceed along; to engage in; to find or employ measures to obtain or accomplish

 August is here. The final act of summer has commenced and we wait with anticipation or dread. We anticipate the last few days of vacation and laid-back weekends. We dread the warm nights ending and the hum-drum of school years starting and workloads at jobs piling up higher.

Even though August is the month of mixed feelings, as I pondered what I wanted this month to be only one word rang true:


It feels right for August to be the month of pursuit OR PURSUING. We are wrapping UP a wild summer filled with travel, adventure, lengthy brunch dates, and simple fun. It feels right to press play here. To pursue again. I’m not just talking about our dreams and goals. Yes, pursue those, but what I’m really talking about is our lives. Let’s pursue our lives.

Let’s hunt down the next adventure whether it’s a week-long cruise or frolicking in sunflower fields. Let’s chase the sunsets and fireflies. Let’s pursue our hearts; our communities; our connections.

It is easy to go season to season, month to month just existing. It is easy to let life happen and be comfortable with that. But, what if we got uncomfortable? What we didn’t just go from Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter and repeat? What if we didn’t just let life happen, but happened to life? What we pursued? What if we pursued the ones in front of us? What if we pursued the projects at our fingertips? What if we followed the rhythms our hearts beat to? What if----what if we pressed play on pursuing our lives and finding joy in it?

That’s what I plan to do this month. I want to pursue. I want to pursue ideas untouched for months. I want to pursue projects I’ve boxed away. I want to pursue my city—my surroundings finding fun and joy in wild places. I want to pursue the hearts in front of me; cherish and treasure them in a new way. So this space will be documenting that.

I want to encourage you friend to take time this month and pursue. Pursue rest. Pursue connection. Pursue fun and adventure. Pursue simplicity. Whatever it is, give yourself room to pursue, show up, and embrace it. Life is too short to live in a constant hum drum. Breaking free from lifeless patterns does not always require an extreme step. Sometimes, it’s just your active yes to pursue anew the world around you.

With love and hopes for all your dreams,

Danae || Editor-in-Chief of TWL

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