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Self-Care: Take Time For You

Self-Care: Take Time For You

If there is one thing I know my generation has and continues to have, it is a deeper awareness of the importance of taking care of oneself. This is something I know my parents’ generation didn’t fully understand or even pursue. But I can look and see, from people in my life to those on a social media platform, that there is a value for self-care and I think that’s amazing.

I think any person knows that self-care matters. If you didn’t know this, I’m here to tell you, self-care matters. For the sake of your mental, physical and emotional health, self-care matters. For the sake of your dreams and goals, self-care matters. For the sake of your loved ones and community, self-care matters.

Self-care matters because how you manage yourself—mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually---directly impacts how you respond and show up to your world. It influences the culture and atmosphere you create.


For a long time, I believed that living the “running on E” life meant that I was doing something. Truth be told, the only thing I was doing was burning myself out. I’ve come to realize that for me to fully invest in my life---to pursue dreams and achieve goals, to build and create, I cannot run on E. I have to make room to take care of myself.

You may think or feel, you don’t have “time” for self-care. There are so many hats you juggle, that the thought of it feels like another task. That is so real. But, can I challenge this? I’m going to challenge this.

If the image of a spa day or a week-long unplugged vacation, or anything within that realm, comes to mind when you think of self-care: you are not wrong. However, it is so much more than that. Yes, a full spa day or a massage is a form self-care. An unplugged vacation is self-care. But, it does not begin or end there.

Self-care is subjective, meaning it looks different for everyone. You get define self-care for you. What self-care is for you, may not be self-care for me. At the end of the day, self-care is an investment in you. It’s doing things that feed you holistically. It is practical.

Self-care is drinking more water every day. It is exercising. Self-care is seeing a therapist/counselor. It is eating healthier. Self-care is getting that manicure or pedicure. It is sleeping in. Self-care is walking away from toxic situations and habits. It is investing in a hobby. The list is endless!

All this to say, your time may not allot for you to take a whole day at the spa. Taking an unplugged vacation may not be in the budget right now. But self-care is not limited to that. It can happen however and whenever you need it to.


Now, I think the first step to this process is defining self-care for yourself. Ask yourelf, what does it mean for me to “do” self-care?

Once you’ve answered that, I would encourage you to think of the things that you do that fill you up or things you want to do and create a self-care routine. You already know I’m all about lists and routines. For me, I’ve created a self-care routine that breaks down the self-care habits I want to pursue daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. That may be a lot for you and that’s fine. You aren’t required to do that.

But, I would encourage you to figure out at least one thing every day that you could do that’s a form of self-care. Start there. It does not have to be momentous or riveting. Baby steps build to bigger steps.

For example, one thing I do for self-care every day is journal. It is a simple task and fairly mundane, but for my sanity, journaling/reflecting each day grounds me.

So, I challenge you. Pursue self-care. Define what it means to you. Do one thing each day to invest in yourself and discover how impactful you are when you take a little time for you.

Let’s talk about this!

Do you believe in self-care? What challenges have you faced with it? If you’re about the self-care life, how has self-care impacted your life? What’s one thing you do for self-care?

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