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Simple Living: A Lifestyle of Gratitude

Simple Living: A Lifestyle of Gratitude

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but has our gratitude?


I know for me, it is easy to get into the holiday spirit and become extra introspective and thankful during this time. I honestly don’t think there’s a problem with that, but when this is the only time that I’m leaning into gratitude---that’s a problem.

We all know this, but gratitude is a lifestyle. To constantly be positioned in thankfulness does not happen overnight. It is a deliberate choice; an active alignment to a higher perspective. It is not conditional. It can’t be, especially if you are desiring to live a full and present life.

Imagine what life would be like if we were only grateful when everything was perfect? How much of life would we miss? How much joy would we forfeit? Our gratitude cannot be conditional. If it is, I think we’ve missed the point.

For me, gratitude is powerful. Not only does it allow me to embrace all the wonderful things that have happened, but gratitude when things are not going perfectly; gratitude when it is hard actually empowers me to find the gold. It pushes me to grab a hold of hope.

I’ll never forget this one night where I was sitting on my bed in tears looking at my finances. It felt hard and that it would NEVER change. I truly felt there would never be enough. I let myself feel my fear of not having enough to my shame of not stewarding well what I was given. In the middle of that, I felt God tell me to list what I was thankful for. So, I did. With tears and snot, I scribbled fiercely in my journal everything that I was grateful for.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t feel anything right away. But when I was done, I felt myself breathe easier. I could feel peace settling into my situation. I wasn’t alone. Where I was didn’t define where I would go or what I would do. Gratitude empowered me to stand where I felt defeated. Gratitude led me to reflect on all the times I was taken care of. It reminded me of what was true.


It isn’t easy to choose gratitude every day. It is easier to complain and compare; to worry and fret. To choose gratitude when everything is hitting the fan takes discipline and maturity. Like I said, it doesn’t happen overnight. Most days, I don’t choose gratitude—but I’m learning and I’m leaning.

With November closing and the last month of 2018 soon beginning, I want to make sure our hearts are positioned and grounded in gratitude. That our motive in choosing gratitude is not conditional, but how we choose to live daily.

One way to make gratitude a more active role in your day to day life is to write/say three things you are grateful every day. I try to write my three things in my journal every morning and night. Just doing that very simple thing can help.

How about you? How do you lean into gratitude? What are three things you are grateful for? Comment below! I wanna hear from ya!


How about you? How do you lean into gratitude? What are three things you are grateful for?


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