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Simple Living: Redefined

Simple Living: Redefined

Redefined may be strong to describe what I’m processing with these words. As I journey more into this space of living simple and intentionally, I’m realizing the importance of figuring out what this is for me.

That’s true of any journey we embark on. Yes, there’s obviously the “general public” definition or perspective of whatever we may be going after, but then, there’s yours. Your own intimate experience and connection to a process.

That’s how I feel about simple living. It’s the phrase that walks closely with minimalism. It’s also a phrase that gets tossed around a lot and bit loosely, like intentionality. Even so, I think there’s a clear line of what simple living is and what it isn’t.

Like, in general, we could define simple living as the active choice to slow down; to strip down the excess holistically, making room for and pursuing what matters most.

Simple living is not hoarding and keeping up with the Jones’s.

It is being present, living in each moment.

It is not rushing through experiences spending more time trying to capture them than live them.

It is mindfulness---awareness of oneself and world.

We know this about simple living.

But, like I said above, a general definition is awesome, but what does this look like for me? What does simple living look like in my life? How do I lean into this more?

You see, whether we like to admit it or not, simple living or minimalism is totally a trend now. It’s the thing to do. But, I desire simple living to be more than a catchy phrase that sounds really good. I want it to be more than just the newest trend to follow. For me, this is about a lifestyle change.

Yes. Simple living for me is slowing down and stripping away the unnecessary to make room for what matters. But, it’s also an adventure in discovering how to be resourceful and efficient with what I already have. It’s a journey to learning and leaning into contentment. It’s an invitation to live a more creative life; finding joy and beauty in the mundane.

I guess, that’s where I’m going with this space. As I shared in this quarter’s newsletter, I spent May really processing what This Wondrous Life is about, finding the language for this space’s mission and vision. If you noticed, our tagline has changed from Dream. Inspire. Embrace. to Live Simple. Live Connected. Live Creative. As I processed this space, how it started and where it is now, I realized I’m so passionate about simple living—being present and slowing down. It’s one of the main things I’m going after in this season. I realized a large part of why This Wondrous Life was created was to go on that journey, to share that with you.

So here I am, redefining simple living and exploring this journey. Yes, there’s society’s definition of it and the perfectly curated Instagram accounts expressing it, but in all of this, I just desire to figure it out for me, ya know? What simple living looks like and how it flows in my world, whether it’s technically correct or not.

How about you? What journey do you find yourself on right now? How are you defining it?


photo courtesy of Michelle Dant

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