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Simple Living: Summer Fruit Picking

Simple Living: Summer Fruit Picking

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been obsessed with land and farms/farming. I loved reading about the pioneers. I basically read all things Little House on the Prairie.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve wanted to get into the farms/farmer’s market scene. I told myself this summer, I would start. Whether that was going fruit picking or just hitting a market over the weekend, I wanted to start supporting local food and the people who grow them.

Which led me to last Friday, August 10. I had the day off and bit the bullet to make the trek out to Homestead Farm. I’d been looking up local farms that did fruit picking and Homestead Farm was on the top of my list. I signed up to their email list to receive updates on when fruits/veggies were ready for picking. I sadly missed the strawberry and blueberry sessions, but July welcomed blackberries and peaches.

The drive to Homestead Farm wasn’t so bad. It was a clear and warm day. I went early since I was unfamiliar with the area and how things worked. I also absolutely abhor traffic. So, I arrived with only a few other cars in the lot. The land at Homestead Farm is massive and so beautiful.

To get started, I went to the market where you’ll find already picked veggies and fruits waiting to be purchased. The walls of the market were lined with fruit spreads and preserves made from the produce at Homestead Farm. I paid my picking deposit and bought to containers to carry my goods in. Walking out of the market, I passed three sleeping golden retrievers which completely stole my little heart. I hoped on a tractor wagon which took me over to the peach trees.

During all of this, it was still. There was quiet there at Homestead Farm that was comforting. It was early so there wasn’t a ton of people around, but even still, it was so tranquil. As the tractor wagon made its way, I passed goats and chickens quietly moving about their areas. Everything was simple. I made it to the peach trees and began my picking.


The peaches were so ripe the trees were hanging low and some of the fruit had falling to the ground. There were rows and rows of yellow and white peach trees. I stuck with the yellow peaches because the ground was muddy by the white peaches and I did not have the right shoes on.

I wasn’t there long and grabbed a few peaches. The tractor wagon returned with more fruit pickers eager to get their peaches. I hopped back on and made my way to the blackberries. This time, I walked over taking in the expansive landscape that was green and lush. I didn’t stay long with the blackberries but oh they were so ripe.


It was fun, walking down the rows plucking the ripe berries from their trailing vines. I ended this venture grabbing some yummy homemade spreads, preserves, and butter.

Honestly y’all, I’m glad I did this. Driving off that property, I was proud of myself for following through with a task from my summer bucket list. While it was just picking fruit, for me, doing this was an encouraging nod in the right direction of support local farms.


Have you accomplished any of your summer bucket list goals? Share below what you’ve done so far this summer!

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