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Simple Living: The Final Stretch

Simple Living: The Final Stretch

Fall is officially here. This morning the air is chilly and the sky is grey. A light rain falls, misting over cars and streets. It almost beckons for cozy sweaters and boots.

As September approached, I could feel myself wanting to take time and re-calibrate. This month marks 3 months until the end of 2018. Three months until we gear ourselves for a new year filled with new opportunities and growth.

But, before all of that, we still have the months before us to live out. As I walked into September, I could see how much things had changed over the summer. There was less structure to my day-to-day. Rhythms and routines morphed almost daily. While this summer has been filled with laughter and new experiences, I could feel myself needing to slow down just a little bit more. Needing time to really think through what I desired the months following summer to be; to hone in on my dreams and goals.

We are in the final stretch. September feels like the month to readjust and dream a new. It’s the month to assess what the last nine months have been like. Just as we walk through a natural season shift---summer giving way to fall, we too are walking through a shift. At least, I know I am. I can feel it. I’ve told friends it feels like the tide is changing, transition knocking on our door. It’s exciting, but also challenging. I’m finding myself rethinking my rhythms. I’m examining my routines, desiring to really make space for what matters.

As the days grow shorter and the sun no longer lingers, this is how I am preparing myself for the final stretch:

Redefining and Outlining My Rhythm and Routine

Back in January, I spent a lot of time talking about this. Honestly, I thought it would be a one-stop shop kind of situation. Develop that rhythm and routine in January and it would be the same forever. I quickly discovered that as seasons change so do our rhythms and routines and it’s perfectly okay! We haven’t failed because it looks different.

So, as I lean into this month of transition, I’m going back to my rhythm and routine worksheet, assessing what worked and dreaming a new what I want to protect, create, and give this Fall/Winter.

Cleaning Up Shop

I mean this in the most literal way possible. With Fall here, my personal living space and my car are needing some MAJOR TLC. So, in the coming weeks, I’m taking intentional time to clean and reorganize my spaces. I know for me when my living spaces are clear and organized, I feel better. I’ll be honest the hardest part is starting, but my game plan this time around is to start in small sections and work my way around.

Evaluating and Planning My Fall/Winter Wardrobe

Fall is my favorite season in every sense. From the weather to nature to fashion to food, I LOVE FALL. And, with my growing desire to become more minimal and intentional with my wardrobe, I’m taking time to go through all my fall/winter items as well as scout out items I want to add. I challenge myself, for every new purchase, to get rid of at least 1-2 items I already have.  I categorize everything and whatever I don’t want I recycle via H&M and their Conscious Program.

This year, I’ve taken my fall/winter wardrobe planning to a new level with colors and tables and all that. I will hopefully share soon with you how I’m creating my fall/winter capsule wardrobe for this year!

Creating a Daily Schedule

This ties in closely with the first thing I’m working on in this final stretch. As I’m in the middle of a big transition, I desire to really snatch my life in order. I love things like lists and schedules and I’ve learned to create them but leave room for the ups and downs life brings.

So, working on creating a sketch of a daily schedule to help me manage my time and energy well. This includes defining what self-care looks like in this new season.

I mean if you fail to plan, you plan to fail and I have goals for the rest of the year that can’t afford to be missed.

Evaluating and Solidifying My Yeses

This. Is. Huge. At the beginning of the year, I like to mentally take in what I’m saying yes to. What commitments am I willing to give myself to that 6-9 months down the road, I’m not regretting it? As this year is closing out, I want to take time to reevaluating what I’ve said yes to and explore other things I may be ready to commit to.

It’s always important to know what you’re saying yes to because in your yes to something, you’re giving your no somewhere else. It ultimately helps you create boundaries and avoid burnout and frustration.


Okay. This post basically took all month to write, but it’s here. This is how I’m preparing for the final stretch. The heart behind it all is to slow down, be present, and live fully.

How about you? What are you doing to gear up for these final months of 2018?

Transitioning: Finding Rhythm Again

Transitioning: Finding Rhythm Again

A Note: We're Still Here

A Note: We're Still Here