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Summer 10x10 Challenge

Summer 10x10 Challenge


I am no fashionista.

Yes. I like to look nice and dress up, but I’m also really okay with comfy boyfriend jeans and plain tees. And for the record, sweatpants are bae.

Even though fashion isn’t a thing I deeply follow or have an overwhelming passion for, I find I’ve always gone through a process of trying to figure out how to define my style. In a way, I think everyone does whether they are fashion gurus or not.

Now, my style has morphed from being uber trendy to preppy to pseudo-punk (this was a very short phase) to urban-esque. This constant switching and morphing definitely led to a lot of money spent and the collecting of clothes and shoes I no longer wear. And now, as I’ve gotten older, I realize I honestly can’t pinpoint my “style”. If you came up to me and said, “hey Danae, what’s your style?” I would probably make an awkward face and shrug.

Hear me out!

I don’t think we HAVE to have the perfect words to articulate our style, but I do think it is important to know what you love, what looks good on you and what you really don’t vibe with. I think in knowing these things, it helps us to keep from buying a whole bunch of stuff that we would only end up wearing once, occasionally, or never.

And to me, that’s a part of simple living --- making room for what matters. Stripping down and letting go of the things that don’t really fit who you are and what you’re tryna do.

So, about a year or so ago, I stumbled upon the capsule wardrobe. Thanks to Susie Faux, we can define a capsule wardrobe as a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces (also shoutout to Google for this definition).

I discovered this whole capsule wardrobe idea while reading minimal fashion blog Un-Fancy. I was super inspired by this and did a MASSIVE closet clean out. When I made new purchases, I focused on buying timeless, universal pieces that could mix and match through every season.

Pursuing a capsule wardrobe has had its challenges and I've totally not mastered it, but, I, more or less, follow this system.

Now, reading about capsule wardrobes led to my discovery of the 10x10 challenge. This challenge was created by StyleBee. How this challenge works is like this: you select ten pieces between tops, bottoms, shoes, dresses/shawls, etc. For 10 days you work with these ten pieces creating new outfits from your options.

Sounds fun, right? I think so. I’ve been nervous about starting it, but I’m excited to give it a shot.

So, the question of the hour: Why am I doing this? Well, I'm doing this challenge because of three main reasons:

1. A New Creative Outlet

I’m all about creative living and when I read Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert talked about doing other creative things especially if you feel stuck with one project. While, I’m not necessarily stuck creatively, I feel this would be a great way to flex my creativity muscle. We know this, but, creativity gets to flow in every area of our lives. Not the typical creative stuff. I mean there is a whole industry dedicated to expressing creativity through things we put on every day. Isn’t that wild? And, while I’m not fashion guru, I want to explore creativity in this space. It’s unfamiliar, but I think it will be fun.  

2. Doing the Uncomfortable thing

Okay, this challenge makes me super uncomfortable. Why? Because fashion is probably is big area of insecurity for me. I’m not super hip to the dos and donts and the exceptions to the rule. So, to intentionally trim down my closet to ten pieces for ten days feels scary and daunting. But, this is also why I wanna do it. I wanna see how resourceful I can get with what I have. I also want to learn more about me and my style. Plus, deciding to document this on the gram just makes so much more scary but exciting.

3. Pursuing Intentionality in all areas

Y’all already know but, I’m all about being intentional especially with one’s time and one’s relationships.  Why not in other areas? Like what we eat or what we wear? I feel, getting dressed for the average person is just a thing we do each day. It’s easy to not really think about it. Doing this challenge is a way for me to get more intentional in this area.


For this challenge, I’ll be working with five tops: one black, two nude/earth tone, two button ups. For bottoms, I included two jumpsuits and one pair of jeans. Because I wasn’t sure what category to put these in, my last two pieces are my favorite blue dress and my floral shawl.

For accountability and just riding the train of “doing uncomfortable things”, I’m going to do my best to document this journey on Instagram. I will be doing the challenge from June 26 – July 6. It’s longer than ten days because two days are modified and won’t be included in le challenge. Probably not how it should be done, but I don’t wanna keep putting this off!

But, there y’all have it. Here’s to pursuing new creative outlets and doing that uncomfortable thing.

Have you ever heard of capsule wardrobes or the 10x10 challenge? Have you considered doing one? What’s one new creative outlet you could explore and get uncomfortable with?

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