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Summer 10x10 Challenge: A Recap

Summer 10x10 Challenge: A Recap

Over the last two months, I’ve sharing more about how This Wondrous Life is shifting. Not a massive overhaul aesthetic wise versus, more focused and trimmed down content wise. I finally feel I’ve found language for the space we are in right now. As it unfolds more, I’m excited to bring you along the journey of simple living.

One step that I’ve taken towards this is by doing the 10x10 Challenge. I shared in this post what it was and why I was doing it. I had the intention of posting daily each outfit but, I’ll be honest, totally slacked with that. But, as it ended about two weeks ago, I wanna share with you guys how it went!

Quick recap, these are the pieces I primarily worked with:

·         Five Tops: one black, two nude/earth tone, two button ups

·         Three Bottoms: two jumpsuits and one pair of jeans

·         Miscellanous (because I’m not sure what category they fall under): a blue dress and a floral shawl

I found I wore the blue dress, my jeans, and my tees the absolute most. The dress is my summer favorite this season and those jeans are just so dang comfortable. The tees were definitely worn out of convenience more than anything.


Now, my thoughts and feels on the whole challenge itself:



It was fun to figure out what items from my closet I wanted to use and how I wanted to use them. I took a little time either the night before or the morning of to figure out how I wanted to pair things. I really enjoyed discovering what creativity looked like for me in this space.


Probably not related to the challenge itself but capturing each outfit for the day was a little difficult. As for the challenge itself, definitely wrestling with the self-consciousness of wearing something 2 or 3 times. It was also easy to get into a “rut” of sorts, wearing the same jeans and going between two of my plain tee options. So some days it was challenging to push the envelop in creating new pairings.


I discovered that I actually like having a select few pieces to work with. I learned as a whole, my style definitely leans more towards what is practical, functional, and comfortable over what is trendy. I know I want to look nice and not “frumpy”, but a practical and functional wardrobe does no equate “frumpy” or “boring”. Also, during the challenge, I realized I really want to get into thrifting more. Especially as I go through another closet clean out, I want to start checking out thrift shops for functional, but nice pieces that are timeless and work in every season.

All in all, I think it’s a really fun exercise to figure out what you’re into for the season, stretch your creativity, and learn more about yourself. I will definitely do this again for the fall.

How about you? Any challenges you are taking on this summer that has stretched you? Share below!

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