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TWL Presents: The R&R Journal - A Literary Review Series

TWL Presents: The R&R Journal - A Literary Review Series

To know me is to know that one of my many deep loves is literature. I’m no expert on it, but the discipline makes my heart swell. I get lost in books and invested in characters. I relish holding a book, flipping the pages, inhaling its scent. 

 My love for literature and storytelling started when I was young making my switch from English-Psychology to English Literature in college an obvious choice even though I fought against it for two years. When I graduated, I remember words from my professors on continuing reading and writing post-college. How it takes intentionality and effort. Life and career, they’ll fight for your time and you must make space for it or you’ll never do it.

 I have found this to be true since graduating, both for reading and writing. It is so easy to backseat the things that we find joy in because of life and work. If you’ve been in this space awhile, then you know I’m all about making room for the things that make us come alive right in the middle of our day to day. So, to practice what I preach, I decided that this year, I would be intentional in making space for my love for reading and writing.

 I also decided, as much as I desire this space to be about simple living, building connection, and creativity, I also want to share more of my world with you! Not just the deep processes, but the light-hearted and simple things too.

 So, to honor this, I will be starting TWL’s The Read & Review Journal: A Literary Review Series. My goal is to craft a written and filmed review of each book I read this year. Some books may have both, others may have a written or filmed commentary. Either way, I wanted to share this love of mine with you in a tangible way.

 I spent December and January curating my list of books for the year. My choices range from short fiction and novels to essays, personal development and memoirs. You can see my full reading list here.

 Since I am aiming for two reviews per book, I’ve decided each review will have its own vibe. For the film review, my goal is to keep it short, succinct, and simple. If that’s more your jam be sure you are following along on Instagram to see when they go live! For the written review, it will be a bit more detailed. This is where I’ll get a bit more nitty gritty about what I loved, disliked, or found inspiring/challenging.

 Ultimately, I hope with each review to answer some of the following questions:

  •  Were the characters complex or basic? Was it easy or hard to connect and engage with their voice?

  • Was the plot developed well? Did it progress gradually, quickly, or not at all?

  • What literary techniques/devices were used often throughout the work? Did it enhance or take away from the story?

  • What was my biggest takeaway from the work? Would I recommend this read?

  • How would I describe the author’s tone/relationship to the reader?

If reading is something you’re wanting to make more room for or literature makes your heart sing, then we’re gonna have loads of fun with this series!

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Is reading something you desire to make more room for? Is it something you already do regularly? What do you like to read?

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